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Village de Chassepierre

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Chassepierre is probably one of the most beautiful villages in Belgium. A short walk to the viewpoint and you will be bowled over by the splendid view over the Semois valley. Its name comes from Casa Petra - stone house. It is also the name of a local theatre group. A visit to this Gaume village will probably lead you to the fairies’ den or windmill, or to its church. At the top of the village, in the Barrière part of Chassepierre village, is a viewpoint that will take your breath away with its view of the Semois river, valley and the nearby Ardennes forest. However, what normally entices visitors is what traditionally happens at the end of August, with the fête des Artistes (Arts festival), involving the residents from this and the surrounding villages. A few small businesses have established themselves in Barrière, particularly the Emond company, famous in Belgium for its potatoes.
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