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Florenville viewpoint (behind the church)


Florenville (Florenville)
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The panoramic view from the top of the church tower, approximately 50 meters from the ground, offers a unique perspective on the surrounding area: 800 km² for you to explore! It offers the rare opportunity to enjoy a view that is as beautiful as it is remarkable. The panoramic viewpoint gives an extended view over Belgium, the Ardennes and Gaume, and in France, over the Ardennes and Lorraine.
As Florenville is already at an altitude of almost 400 metres above sea level, the height of the tower allows you to scan the horizon in all directions. From this point you can see all the surrounding villages: towards the Semois river (in the north), LAICHE, MARTUE, LACUISINE, CHINY; towards France, WILLIERS, SAINT-WALFROID, etc. Further in the distance, you can clearly make out the towers at: MONTMEDY (in France), SAINT-DONAT and SAINT-MARTIN at ARLON. On a clear day, and if your eyesight is good, you can see the ossuary at DOUAUMONT (Fort de Verdun), MONT-FAUCON, etc.
Admire the changeable meanderings of the Semois river, and the beautiful hillsides of Belgian and French Lorraine. A striking and powerful ring of bells enlivens this vast panorama (48 bells of an unequalled resonance and tone).