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Ponds of Latour


Latour (Virton)
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1. Location Situated at 6 km from Virton, the ponds are to the south of Latour between the village and the industrial zoning. The site (nearly 15 ha.) consists of two ponds, one of which is used as a clipper basin for the Vire. There are also fallow lands and an outlying leafy grove. The place is important for many groups of invertebrates (especially many protected and/or threaten species), for the reptile fauna and the avifauna. For the water avifauna, the site has a major importance as a migratory stopping place of the Belgian Lorraine for a number of species. It provides a habitat for many rare nesting birds in Upper Belgium. The ponds of Latour are listed as a Wet Zone for Biological Interest. 2. Access In order to avoid the takeoff of birds presents on the pond, public traffic is limited only at the west and south banks of the pond. To respect the tranquility of the birds, the east bank is not allowed for motorized vehicles and dogs. The legal status of the site protects all the elements of flora and fauna. Please do not pull, pick, kill or catch anything.