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The chapel beneath the “open-air cathedral”, located 1.5 km from the village of Villécloye following the road towards Velosnes, is dedicated to Sainte-Ernelle. The alignment of the trees is reminiscent of a religious building with its nave, choir stalls and side chapels. The stations of the rosary decorate this place, which at its height, has a splendid stone statue of Christ on the cross.
Two columns of broken branches have been placed here as a reminder of the martyr, Sainte-Ernelle. It is the site of the original water source in the form of a fountain. The water was thought to have miraculous properties.
From this location, there is an unmissable viewpoint over the Chiers valley. This site is where the old village of ‘Cloye’ was built, the current name for the village has just added ‘villé’ or town.