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Fairies' Cave (Trou des fées) in Croix-Rouge


Croix-Rouge (Virton)
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1. Location and access

This locality, well known by the locals, is situated in Croix-Rouge, at the crossroads of Etalle to Virton and Ethe to Tintigny.
Coming from Virton, you may park on the place to the right of the crossroads.
From the parking place, you should follow the path that disappears into the woods.

Links with possible walks:
Look at the walk maps from the Tourist information office of Virton

2. Status of the site

The place is part of the municipal woods belonging to the district of Virton

3. History

This rocky overhang is made up of chalky sandstone deeply eroded and drilled with many cavities. Galleries had been dug by natural erosion at the Jurassic era, when the sea was still covering over the Paris Basin. The main gallery is fifteen-meter long. According to some people, they would be the work of man. They might have been occupied during prehistory since artefacts of flint had been found nearby.
The Fairies’ Cave, said “Trou des fées” in French, a tourist locality, should it be only by its name, is the subject of many legends, relating in particular to “The Four Sons of Duke Aymon “ story.