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Archaeological park and Lapidary Museum


Buzenol (Etalle)
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A Mecca for archaeology of the Gaume region, the prestigious site of Montauban, listed as « Major heritage of Wallonia », bears witness to three successive periods of occupation. Place of refuge, surrounded by ramparts of the Iron Age, with, in its centre, a Roman wall dating back to the 4th century, and showing on the southern tip of the rocky escarpment, the ruins of a dungeon of the Early Middle-Ages, castle that the legend attributes to the four Aymon sons.
In 1958 a discovery was made in the rampart: a group of a dozen sculpted stones, fragments of dismantled funerary stones, amongst which the famous low-relief of the Trevirian harvester, described by Pline and Palladius. Annex of the Gaumais museums, the lapidary museum is a true temple erected in tribute to the Roman art of sculpture. It was built in 1960 by Constantin Brodsky, it remains an indisputable reference in matters of museum architecture integrated to the site.
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