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The dolmen


Gomery (Virton)
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You will find the only dolmen in our region at Gomery (on the road between Gomery and Ethe), it is, along with the Dolmen at Wéris, the only standing stone tomb from that era in Belgium. The presence of a ‘large stone’ emerging from the ground has been known for many years. The residents of Gomery called it ‘a piece of star’. Jean Bailleux from Gomery unearthed it in 1966. This dolmen dates back to the second century B. C. and consists of a large stone block from Stonne (a village near to Mézières) resting on top of four supports. Two pieces of flint brought from the Champagne region and cut around the dolmen, have been found. Several excavations have been carried out at this location. These allowed diggers to unearth various objects such as a large knife, a fragment of polished axe, arrowheads as well as shards. The shards made them think it was Iron Age. The dolmen marks the north of the village. (Source text: Gaume Tourist Information office)