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Countryside discovery centre


Esplanade du Panorama, 1
Florenville (Florenville)
+32 (0)61/31 12 29
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On the border of of the Ardennes and the Lorraine nestles a hidden gem, accessible to everyone: the Gaume region of the Lorraine. The Centre d?Interprétation du Paysage (Countryside discovery centre) offers an opportunity to discover this amazing countryside, with its cuestas and surprising heritage. Four richly illustrated themes will take you into the very heart of nature.
The section dedicated to the region?s geology explains the earth?s processes that are apparent in the landscape today. Various aspects of the forest are presented: its role, its wildlife, its flora, etc. You will also learn how to recognise the various farming areas as well as the buildings and the specific properties of local architecture. The resource centre, in addition to the learning activities area, is a great addition to your visit for both young and old.