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Orval Abbey (beer museum, museum of traditional medicine and monastic museum)


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Monastic and history museum: installed in the 18th century cellars under the current basilica, this museum consists of 9 rooms housing various collections. Collections: archaeology, wrought-iron work, chimney firebacks, paintings, precious metalworking, stalls and old furniture. You can also see two mock-up models: - the first represents the abbey in the 12th century and 18th century, - the second shows the current buildings followed by the plans drawn up by the architect Henri Vaes, showing subsequent alterations.

Beer museum: the only remaining building of the old Abbey has just been magnificently restored, and there you will find the secrets to brewing the Orval beer, a model of the monastery for partially sighted people to touch, an interactive tour to engage children and the work of the painter monk, Brother Abraham Gilson.

Museum of traditional medicine: Alongside the garden of medicinal plants, the pharmacy dispensary has been rebuilt just as it was in the 18th century during the time of Brother Antoine Perrin, the apothecary. Orval was famous for its potions, particularly its harquebusade water, a restorative lotion used to treat wounds. The collection presents a series of objects used in the preparation of these medicines: grinder, pill machine, ornate decorated scales, and also objects used in providing care: leech syringes, etc. There is also a lovely collection of ceramic pots for containing and preserving the herbs.